Silent Cry/Production Notes


Giving birth to her first child should have been a time of happiness for Rachel Stewart (Emily Woof), but joy turns to devastation with the news that her newborn son has died during the night. Despite the doctor's sympathetic assurances, Rachel cannot accept the news. She had held little Charlie in her arms and he was perfect. Could someone have abducted her baby?

With steely determination, Rachel returns to the hospital to uncover the truth. As she begs Dr.Herd (Kevin Whateley) for more information she encounters the menacing Dennis Betts (Clive Russell). His threatening presence sends Rachel fleeing into the car park where she finds a hiding place in the back of a car belonging to hospital porter, Daniel Stone (Douglas Henshall). Although slightly disconcerted by Rachel's panic, Daniel's conscience eventually gets the better of him and he agrees to help.

Together, Rachel and Daniel begin a dangerous investigation that takes them through London's seedy nightscape. Their only solid lead seems to be Joanne, a young prostitute whose own baby provides a link back to Betts. The plot thickens with the mysterious death of Rachel's best friend and the discovery that Dennis Betts is not all he appears to be.

A strange twist of fate leads them to the house of Rachel's family doctor, Robert Barrum (Frank Finlay). In a tense finale Rachel makes a terrifying discovery that brings into question everything she has ever believed in.

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